Girls Gone Skiing Story

This is the world’s most sought after vintage ski photo.  This photograph was taken on July 4th, 1942 in Mt. Lassen California.  These girls were all friends.  This was the first time the road had been opened all year because of the heavy snow storms. This is a personal photograph from the ladies in the photo who granted us the rights to use on our products.

The women in the photo are (left to right)

Tora Anderson, joined the army during WWII and received commission of Lieutenant.

Barbara Germain was a member of the Ski Club called the Malouts.

Loretta Bertoli and Bettie Johnson

We hold the model releases to the ladies in this photograph.  This photo was from their personal collection in which they gave us the rights to use for reproduction and resale. Don't accept knockoffs from companies that have pirated this image from our original posters and prints.