The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Posters Without Damage - To Them or Your Walls!

The Ultimate Guide to Hanging Posters Without Damage - To Them or Your Walls!

Hello, fellow poster enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into a topic close to our minds when decorating posters and walls: how to hang up posters without damaging them. Whether you're a collector, a dorm dweller, or just someone who loves adding a personal touch to their space, this guide is for you. Let's get those posters up without a hitch!

Keeping Your Posters Pristine

how to hang up posters without damaging them

Step 1: Prep Your Poster

Got your posters ready? Great! First things first, unfold them carefully. Here's a pro tip: Reverse-fold them gently to ease out any stubborn creases. This step ensures your timeless ski posters are smooth and ready for display.

Step 2: Selecting the Right Tape

Now, the big question: what tape to use? If you're not keen on sticking anything directly on your poster, I've got the perfect solution: washi tape. It's a lifesaver! It's easy to remove, doesn't leave any residue, and hey, you can even repurpose it for your journal. But if you're like me and prefer the good old transparent tape, go for it! Just remember to apply it to the backside of your poster, ideally at every corner. This approach not only secures the poster but also adds a layer of protection.

Step 3: Mounting Time

Next up is mounting tape. I swear by thick mounting tape for its sturdy hold and clean removal. However, wall types vary, so if you have delicate surfaces, opt for a thinner variety. Cut small pieces and stick them at each corner of your poster's back.

Wall-Friendly Poster Hanging

Wall-Friendly Poster Hanging

Step 1: Clean and Plan

Before you begin, let's not upset dad or the landlord, shall we? Clean your wall with a microfiber cloth to remove dust. Then, visualize where you want your poster. A piece of blue painter's tape on the top edge of your desired spot works wonders. And remember, a level is your best friend for that perfectly straight hang.

Step 2: The Fun-Tack Method

First, we're trying out Loctite Fun-Tack Mounting Putty. Simply knead a piece until it's pliable, stick it at the corners of your poster, and then gently press each corner onto the wall. Start from the top left, smoothing out as you go to avoid creases.

Step 3: 3M Clips for Temporary Displays

For items you'll frequently move, like calendars, 3M clips are fantastic. They're wall-friendly and make repositioning a breeze. Mark the center of your wall using the blue tape, attach the clips to your item, and voila!

Step 4: Suction Cups and String for Multiple Posters

Hanging multiple vintage signs? Here's a creative solution: use suction cups, string, and paper clips. Determine the string length based on the number of posters, tie loops at the ends, attach them to suction cups, and hang them up. Clip your posters onto the string, and you're all set!

Step 5: Paper Clips and Magnets

Another nifty trick involves paper clips and rare earth magnets. Attach a paperclip to the wall, position your poster, and use the magnet to secure it. Simple and effective!

Step 6: 3M Velcro Strips for a Firm Hold

3M Velcro strips are a game-changer for heavier posters. Stick one side to your poster, the other to the wall, and press them together. Easy to install and remove!

Step 7: Nanotape for the Heavyweights

Finally, for those extra-heavy pieces, Nanotape is your go-to. It's reusable and supports up to 20 pounds. Cut a piece, stick it to your item, and then to the wall. Perfect for larger, heavier displays.

Hang with Confidence!

And there you have it—a comprehensive guide to hanging posters without causing damage, either to the posters or your walls. With these methods, you can switch up your décor as often as you like, without worry. So go ahead and personalize your space with all your favorite posters. Happy decorating!

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